1945 Service du Vaguemestre LEGION BEL-ABBES. Lieutenant DELFOLIE

In Juni 1945 Madame P. Delfolie wrote a letter to Lieutenant P. Delfolie.
As her address she wrote: 34 rue Wilson Cholet ( Maine et Loire ).

She sent the letter for Lieutenant P. Delfolie to the following adres:

Depôt des regiment Etranger Sidi bel Abbes Algerie dep d’Oran.

Apparently this was not, or no longer, the correct address.
With a special label (Viguette) having the preprinted options:
the Army Postmaster Service indicated at
Présent: Annex [ ~ ]
and at
Inconnu: Subsistance
followed by “à Tlemcen”.
With a blue pencil the adres was struck through.

Further on the front is written the date 16/17 Juin.

The postage stamp, for Airmail [?] on the front was cancelled on the 16th of June 1945 at Cholet.
Visible is further the abbreviation for Franchise Militaire ( F.M. ).

It seems that Lieutenant P. Delfolie was assigned to the French Foreign Legion stationed in Sidi Bel Abbes , but Mid June 1945 had been transferred to Tlemcen.
Unfortunately the name Delfolie is too common to identify this officer.

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