1953, Setif 3eme B.E.P.

History of a letter cover

January 1953 Pierre DE BISSCHOP wrote a letter from Setif Algeria to Bernardine Lockkamper or Lookkamper in Liege Belgium. The postage stamp on the airmail letter cover is Setif Constantine 13-1-1953.
At the time Pierre DE BISSCHOP was serving in the French Foreign Legion.
His No Matricule was 86.687, indicating he joined the Legion mid-1951.
In 1953 according to his adres he was serving in the Compagnie de Commandement du Bataillon (C.C.B.) Transmission of the 3eme bataillon étranger de parachutistes and was based in Setif.

He did not have the correct house number of Bernardine Lockhamper.
He wrote 171 Rue sur les Foulons. This was corrected to 25, most likely by the postman.
The name of the woman he wrote to is somewhat of a mystery because it gives no results in an internet search.
For now, januari 2024, this is all that can be derived from the information on this cover.

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