20-01-1923 Kasbah Tadla

7. – KASBAH-TADLA. – Le Camp Nord
Photo Coutanson

On the 20th of januari 1923 an officer of the French Foreign Legion, Lieutenant Serge Berger, wrote a postcard to his fellow officer Capitaine Megret.
Lieutenant Berger used the free of charge field post service, in French; franchise militaire (F.M.), therefore no postage stamp but the written abbreviation F.M. in the top right corner.
At the same location is visible the postmark “TRESOR ET POSTES Nr 412 dated 22-1-23“.
Most likely the French Military Postoffice in Kasbah Tabla had the number 412.

Lieutenant Berger very likely served with the 4e Regiment de la Legion Etrangére (Maroc) based on the unit mark in purple from the postmaster “Le Vaguemestre” of this unit.

His fellow officer Capitaine Megret, based on the adres, was the commander of the C.M. I (Compagnie Montée No 1) du 1er Etranger a Sebdou Algérie.

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