30-04-1923 Kasba Tadla

Kasba Tadla

On the 30th of april 1923 a, very likely german, member of the French Foreign Legion, Ludwig CHRIST wrote a registered letter to Germany.
The letter was addressed to : Adolf FRITZ, Mannheim = Lindenhof Meerfeldstrasse 33 Allemagne.
It costed the legionnaire in total 16 Francs.
A fancy seal placed on the back completed the letter.
The letter arrived on the 11th of mai 1923 in Mannheim.

Legionnaire Ludwig CHRIST, served at the time with the 4th Compagnie of the 1st Bataillon of the 4th Regiment Etranger. His regimental registration number, Numero Matricule was 6227.

POSTE FRANÇAISE an overprint Protectorat français.
The year of issue: 1914, type MERSON

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