Dodge WC62/63 467362 “Bison”

Above photograph shows of a group of soldiers from the French Foreign Legion on their way or coming back from a parade in a Dodge WC62/63 6×6.
Most likely the photograph is taken in North Africa.
Despite the clearly visible registration number 467362,
a vehicle name “Bison” and
a part of unit badge,
I could stil not identify to which unit this Dodge belonged.

Many years ago I started to make a database of photographs of vehicles from the French Foreign Legion as a kind of research tool to enable the identification of units, places etc.
Despite the fact that this database is already quite extensive,
it only in a few occasions could facilitate an identification.

Also for the above Dodge I am not in the position to assign it to a specific unit.
Closest registration number is that of 467392 which belonged to the 2CSPL.
Appreciate if anybody could help with the identification.

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