10 September 1907, a postcard from Russia

On the 29th of September 1907 a postcard from Russia addressed to the “chancellerie du 1 régiment étranger” arrived at Sidi Bel Abbes. The transfer took 19 days.
A days later the postcard was registered at the BUREAU COLONEL of the 1er Régiment Etranger and was given registration number 4143. With blue pencil was added “en Communication” together with two, most likely, initials and the number 3267.

The text on the postcard was:

“Ne recevant pas de résponse a ma lettre adresse a E. de Friedrichs, soldat de 1. Régiment. je Vous prie bien , monsieur de la renvoyer ici, a Riga Russie , Suworowstras, se 10, Qu. l. Mr. Minstschenkow, Agreez m.s.l.p.r.”

Freely translated:
“Not received a reply to my letter addressed to E. de Friedrichs, soldier of 1. Regiment. I beg You, sir, to send it back here, to Riga Russia, Suworowstrasse, 10, Qu. L. Mr. Minstschenkow, Agree mslpr “


A consice Internet research showed that Suworowstras and se form part of an address that should read as Suworowstrasse 10 [1910 Baltisches Jahrbuch].

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