1948 Photo-Studio B. Asencio Bel-Abbes

Coll. NLL

This rather young looking legionnaire had his picture taken on the 2nd of September 1948 in the Photo-Studio of
B. ASENCIO, which was located on the Boulevard de la République no 18 in Sidi Bel Abbes.

His khaki drill uniform, onto which brass buttons are attached, looks brand new on this artificial colorized photograph.
No insignia are visible that allow an identification of his unit.
This might indicate that he had just completed his basic training.
Somewhat against this hypothesis, however, is the fact that above his left breast pocket a ribbon of a decoration is visible.

On the back of the photograph a dedications is written in French:

“Souvenir donne
a Ma petite Tante
Aérie Meilleurs baissee
Ton cousin René

Sidi Bel Abbes
le 23 sept 1948

Overall a nice image of a legionnaire from just a few years after the Second World War , though with unfortunately too little clues for further research into its history.

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