Otto Figura Mle 62354

Once, Otto Figura, a legionnaire with the Numero Matricule 62354 wrote a letter to Marguerite Voelker refuge à Eymoutiers Haute vienne.
The cover of the letter was stamped by the “Vaguemestre d’Etapes Legion Etrangere”.
The army mail service was used based on the abbreviation F.M. ( Franchise Militaire )
A typewriter was used for the adres and the sender. No date is visible on the cover.

Coll. NLL.

Dating the cover

Despite the absence of a date on the cover 3 clues could give an indication when this letter was sent.
First there is the matricule of Otto Figura. 62000’s numbers were issued by the French Foreign Legion administration around the last quarter of 1935.
Second the almost complete absence of information about the unit Otto Figura served in, except for the French Foreign Legion Postmaster stamp.
Typical for times of war was the use of the term “Aux-Armées” instead of indicating a specific unit.
Third is the use of the word “refuge” in the adres of Marguerite Voelker.

Most likely the cover was sent at the beginning of the Second World War.
Based on the mandatory 5 years of service Otto Figura, a Polish name, still had to serve until the end of 1940.
The limited information about his unit and whereabouts fit typical armed forces sensorship regulations during times of war. Due to circumstances caused by the war Marguerite Voelker most likely had flet to Eymoutiers.

The Postoffice in Eymoutiers,
through which this letter most likely passed.

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